How can I book a tour?

  • You can register for our tours by filling out the online booking form here. We confirm your booking via email as soon as we can (assuming there available spaces for your chosen tour). The registration is binding when we have sent you the booking confirmation.
  • Once you received the booking confirmation from us, a prepayment of 10% of the travel price at the minimum 100 Euro (but max. 150 Euro) per person has to be paid. If we receive the prepayment, we will send you a confirmation of this.
  • The remaining amount has to be paid without further notice at latest 30 days before the start of the tour. The whole amount has to be paid immediately in case of booking for a tour less than 30 days before the start of it.
  • Upon your final payment we will send a voucher and information regarding your trip. We send the travel documents usually approx. 10 days before the tour start, after your payment completely arrived according to the contract.
  • Please keep in mind, when booking tailor-made tours, the above-mentioned dates and payment amounts might differ.
  • We highly recommend you to book as early as you can because if you delay your booking there might not be places left for your desired tour, also, we need to finalize arrangements with our partners (e.g. accommodation, tickets for different programs).

How can I pay the tour price?

  • You can pay the price of the tour in form of an electronic bank transfer in EURO on our bank account. You will receive all the bank account details (IBAN No., SWIFT/BIC code, etc.) with your booking confirmation.
  • For bank transfers, we recommend you to use the affordable and quick SEPA (or Euro-Standard) form of electronic bank transfer. If you would like to pay in another currency, please contact us before you book a tour or make a payment. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us anytime.

How is loyalty discount calculated?

  • You will get discounts off the published price of the booked cycling holiday as follows: From the 2nd Tour 5%, from the 3rd Tour 6%. You'll get another 1% reduction for each additional tour, so at your 4th tour 7%, at the 5th Tour 8% and so forth. The benefits for our dear regular guests described above can only be assured in case of a direct booking through Velo-Touring. Further reservations and additional services are not included in the calculation of your discount.
  • Only 1 discount can be used at one time, merging the different types of discounts is not possible. You will be always granted the best discount available.

How is group discount calculated?

  • Our offer for groups of friends, clubs, societies, minigroups, etc.: upon booking one of our published tours for at least 6 persons, we'll give a discount of 5% for all participants and from 10 persons a discount of 7%, deducted from the rack rate tour price. Special groups (tailor-made tours), requesting special schedules, can use suchlike option only from 10 persons. Tailor-made tours can only be started with at least 5 participants. When there are 19 paying (adult) person in a group, the 20th is participating free of charge.
  • Group discount is only available in case the whole booking process (booking, receipt and payment) is handled by one representative of the group. The above detailed options are only available in case of a direct booking through Velo-Touring.
  • Conditions for partner agencies and tour operators are available upon an ascertained request.
  • Only 1 discount can be used at one time, merging the different types of discounts is not possible. You will be always granted the best discount available!


What is included in the tour price?

Our tour prices usually contain the following:

  • Accommodation for the whole duration of the tour in 3-and 4-star hotels and country inns with buffet breakfast, buffet or menu dinner, free Wi-Fi internet in 99% of the hotels, en-suite rooms with bath or shower/WC
  • Luggage transport from hotel to hotel
  • Service van with our driver for complete technical support (accompanies cyclists discreetly on the daily stages). The service van has tools, spare parts and a travel pharmacy, additional bike bags on board. In case of a bicycle breakdown, our service van driver will help to fix it or changes the bike instantly for you on the spot
  • In case of self-guided tours, service van driver meets with the cyclists at the pre- agreed points along the way and provides advice about the route, attractions and available lunch places and shops
  • In case of a guided tour, an experienced local guide cycles with group. The guide tells you about the attractions along the way, points out the best photo spots and makes sure that everyone is having a great time. (Service van with a dedicated driver is also provided for a guided tour)
  • Depending on your selected tour, various programs and activities (thermal spa visits, wine tasting, sightseeing, etc.)
  • Transportation of cyclists according to the program
  • Bicycle transportation in a special bike trailer
  • Personal welcome with the tour info
  • Information sheets and map for the occupants
  • Carefully selected routes

What is not included in the tour price?

  • Your travelling between the starting city (Budapest or Vienna depending on the tour) and your home, and your travelling from the end city (usually Budapest) to your home.
  • Travel insurance (accident and health). We highly recommend our guest to make travel insurance for themselves for the duration of the tour.

What can be optionally added to the tours?

  • Per your request, we can offer you lunch in “picnic style”. Just to name a few options that you can expect: a wonderful selection of bread, sausage, cheese and fruits, traditional Hungarian dishes like “paprikas krumpli” – potato stew with pepper, “lecsó” – tomato-pepper stew.
  • Drinks are stored in the service van (which is always close by to our guests), you can choose water or other juices. If you have some special requests, let us know in advance and we take care of that.
  • If you want to spend extra nights before or after the tour in order to explore Hungary or Austria even better, we can make the necessary arrangements with our partner hotels for you.


What is a self-guided tour and who will be with you from Velo-Touring?

  • Self-guided tour means that you will be supported by our service van with a helpful driver but there will not be an appointed cycling guide who is riding with you. The driver of our service van, however, is not just a chauffeur, he or she gladly helps you with advice (what to see, where to take breaks, where to eat, etc.).
  • The service van carries your luggage (suitcase, travel bag, backpack, etc.) from hotel to hotel and a few spare-bikes too. The service van has tools, spare parts and a travel pharmacy, additional bike bags on board so we can help you to solve any challenge you face along your way.
  • The daily biking routes cross the way of the service van repeatedly and the driver meets with the cyclists at pre-agreed places. For even more safety, in case of technical problems, our driver can be called via cellphone and he or she will be there to help as soon as possible.
  • The occasional van/bus transfers of cyclists allows us to overcome roads with heavy traffic or exhausting stages. During the transfers our service van delivers your bicycles in the special bike trailer.
  • During a self-guided tour (= independent, by service van supported tour with luggage transport) you cycle individually. Those, who feel themselves more comfortable in a guided group, choose a group tour with guide and with extended services.

Who will be with you from Velo-Touring on guided bike tours?

  • When you take part on one of our guided tours, your exploration, enjoyment and convenience is ensured by two enthusiastic Velo-Touring colleagues: the tour guide. and the service van driver.
  • Your English (and German)-speaking tour guide escorts you all the time during the tour. He or she is responsible for your good feeling along the way and for fulfilling all your requests (if possible), questions and problems.
  • The tour guide cycles with the group, leads you safely on selected ideal roads to hidden and well-known sights, and tells you about the country and its people. He or she is the local organizer, always ready to help and strives himself/herself to keep any nuisance far from you.
  • The driver of the service van works also around the clock to make sure you feel comfortable during your tour with us! He or she is not just a chauffeur, complements the tour guide, organizes sightseeings in advance, and upon your arrival to a hotel takes your luggage to your room if requested. The service van driver carries your luggage from hotel to hotel and brings the spare-bikes on a special bike trailer. In case you need technical assistance with your bike, the service van driver will be there to fix your problem.
  • The service van follows the group without coming in sight or disturbing, yet it is always ready to take you up in case your cycling spirit has abandoned you. In addition, the van carries the tools, spare parts and a travel pharmacy, additional bike bags on board, and drinks at request.
  • The combined effort of the tour guide and the service van driver guarantees that you will have a trouble free and memorable cycling trip with us!

Is it possible to do a tailor-made tour with Velo-Touring?

  • Yes, that is certainly possible, and we have organized several tailor-made tours over the years. If you are considering a tailor-made tour, our expert tour planner will be your partner in putting together the perfect balance of cycling, hiking, sightseeing, dining and relaxation designed to fit your expectations. Custom tours are an excellent way for families and friends to spend time together without having to worry about the logistics and coordination challenges of a large group of people.
  • Our people have unique knowledge about the suitability of roads for cycling, quality of hotels, the most intriguing activities and attractions in each region of Hungary. After more than 25 years of planning biking and walking routes, researching hotels and restaurants, finding the hidden treasures off the beaten paths in Austria and Hungary, we know what works well in a bicycle tour and how it can be organized smoothly. With the help of our partners and friends all over Hungary and Austria, we can realize your ideal tour.
  • Keep in mind that a tailor-made tour requires lot of organizational work, therefore we only do them above a certain group size (ideally more than 5 people) and if we are convinced of the commitment of the other party (e.g. willing to make the necessary prepayments on time).
  • Whatever idea you have for a cycling trip in Hungary / Austria, do not hesitate to contact us, we will help to fine-tune it and make it a reality!

What if the tour date does not suit me?

  • Good news, that our tour dates are not set in stone and we have some level of flexibility in that respect. If you are sure that none of our tour dates suit you, send us the tour name you are interested in, the desired tour start date and the estimated number of participants (click here to navigate to our contact form). Considering your group size, hotel availability and our capacity, we will do our best to find an option that works for you.

Are the tours child-friendly?

  • Absolutely. Countless families have participated on our tours over the years for whom we always strive to provide the most wonderful and comfortable bike touring experience.
  • Velo-Touring is well equipped with children bikes and other accessories (e.g. helmet, bike trailer for children), thus small children and teenagers can participate on our tours.
  • Our tours consist of mostly flat and easily rideable roads which are suitable for children. In case a child had enough cycling for the day, he or she can sit in the service van which is always nearby (read more about the service van here).
  • Based on our experience so far, our programs (e.g. bathing in spas, horse show, pottery) are intriguing for children, and they are eager to take part in these kind of activities.
  • Should your child/children have any special requests or needs, please let us know, we are happy to make all the necessary arrangements.

What will we eat during the tour?

  • Half-board is always included, generally this means a breakfast and a 3-course dinner. Further boards are described in the specific tour-descriptions.
  • Breakfast can be different in each hotel: simple continental, enriched breakfast with fruit juice, medley and/or cheese, more often a breakfast buffet.
  • For dinner, hotels offer most commonly a buffet with a wide variety of foods (usually Hungarian and some beloved foods of other nations’ cuisine). In certain cases, you will be able to choose from 2 or 3 different menu options according to your taste.
  • Even though you can stick with your usual food, we highly encourage you to try the charming foods of the Hungarian cuisine (e.g. goulash, meat stew, fishermen’s soup, stuffed cabbage and various cakes). By trying Hungarian foods, you can experience a whole new range of unique tastes that you certainly will not forget anytime soon!

What if I am a vegetarian, vegan or have some sort of food intolerance / allergy?

  • Please send us your special requirements already at your booking! We gladly organize your meals according to your diet, so you can always have a full stomach. We recommend to provide yourself between the main meals regularly with fresh fruits and vegetables, cereal bars, bread, or whatever suits your taste.

What kind of clothes should I bring?

  • Our tours are about comfort, so make sure you bring comfortable clothing: such as biking-trousers, shorts, leggings, training clothes and suitable easy upper clothes, T- shirts and of course sporty shoes or closed sandals.
  • It is also worth to think of head and sun protection (and suncream) for sunny weather, and rain protection in case Petrus wants to annoy us. There is no obligation for suits or dresses in the hotels, you can leave them at home. You can enjoy your sport-holiday dressed freely and easily.

How many people participate on a tour usually?

  • Group size varies between 2-12 people, depending on the date and type of tour you are taking. We prefer to keep our groups small, since it allows us to pay individual attention to each group member and to satisfy everyone’s wishes and needs.
  • Due to smaller group size, we have more flexibility, so in case of a bad weather we can easily go for alternative programs. An additional advantage of a small group is that we can explore such hidden places which we could not do with a bigger crowd.
  • If you want to bring a bigger group that is not a problem, we have experience with large groups, too. We are equipped to do a cycling tour with up to 40 people.

Should I get an insurance?

  • We recommend for all our guests to get a suitable insurance, medical insurance in the first place.
  • Since 1st May 2004 Hungary is member of the European Union with full rights, so we would like to bring to the attention of the EU-citizens, that they should obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before leaving their country.
  • EHIC is not a substitute for medical and travel insurance, but entitles you to emergency medical treatment on the same terms as Hungarian nationals. You will not be covered for medical repatriation, on-going medical treatment or treatment of a non-urgent nature. We strongly recommend that you obtain comprehensive travel and medical insurance before travelling. You should check any exclusions, and that your policy covers you for the activities you want to undertake.
  • Hungary has a well-organized network of pharmacies. These have medicine of both national and international production. Ingredients and agents are predominantly identical. For your security, however, it is advisable to bring your own special medicine.


Is bicycle provided for the tour?

  • Yes, we provide you with bikes, that is included in the tour price (read more about tours and prices here). We use well equipped touring bikes of Merida and Neuser that suit our high demands for a comfortable, easy-to-handle travel bike: 28" bike size, Shimano 21-Speed SIS chain gearshift with optical display for selected gear, traffic-ready installation, luggage-rack and fender as well as front and rear brakes (most modern V-Brake and Cantilever brakes).
  • We have high-quality E-bikes which we can provide for you per your request. If you prefer a more comfortable way of cycling, we definitely recommend using our E- bikes.
  • We can also fulfill special requests: upon (preliminary) demand we can offer you Shimano 3-Speed touring-bikes with coaster brake. Bike sizes are 28"/26" for men and women, but we also have bikes equipped with gear shift for children and young people.
  • The Velo-Touring bike fleet (200 bikes) is constantly attended and looked after, taken under overhaul annually and regularly renewed.

Can I bring my own bike if I want to?

  • Sure, you can bring your own bike to the tour. In case of using your own bike the price of the tour will be reduced with the amount of the bike rental.
  • Please do not forget that you are responsible for providing proper spare parts for your bike. We recommend you to bring perfectly maintained bicycles only.
  • We suggest to bring your bike in case you ride a bike specially built for you because of medical or anatomical reasons. The bike we provide are ideal for our tours and we have received nothing but splendid feedback from our guests about them!

What is an electric bike and when do we recommend it?

  • When using an electric bike, the rider's pedalling is assisted by a small electric motor. It is different than a moped because the electronic controller cuts power to the motor when the rider is not pedalling or reaches a certain speed.
  • The rider is in complete control, and can adjust when he or she wants electric support. On the electronic controller you can choose from 5 different levels of support, depending on your needs (e.g. if you are cycling uphill, you probably need more electric support than on a flat surface).
  • The electric bike is especially useful when the rider starting to feel tired or faces strong headwind, a bit of push from the electric motor can make the cycling experience much more effortless. If you prefer to have a little back up power to ease your cycling or you simply take pleasure in a more comfortable way of cycling, we recommend you to request an electric bike for your tour. You can take a look at our electric bikes here.


What kind of terrain and distances should I expect on the tours?

  • Topographic features of Hungary are especially biker-friendly. Most of the regions we will cross are plate-flat - the region of the Puszta as even as the surface of a table lies just 88 - 90 m above sea level. In Western Hungary, here and there are a few gentle rises with the belonging down-hill rides. Our daily distances vary between 19-37 miles (30 - 60 km) but total lengths as well as daily stages (in km and miles) are given in each tour's description.
  • You do not need to be a leading sportsman for our bike tours. Normal condition, a bit of persistence and team spirit, and you will make it wonderfully. This kind of leisure cycling should be fun, we let others run for medals. So, any average skilled cyclist can have the measure of our tours. Should anyone feel tired for a moment to ride - no problem, he/she can simply ride in the service van and wave to the others happily.

What is the average cycling pace?

  • We leave the rush to the racers with the Yellow Shirt and count with a comfortable tempo average of 7-10 miles per hour (11 – 17 km/h) for our groups. At such a tempo, there is enough time to enjoy the surroundings, to regularly fill the inner "water tank", do small sightseeings and of course shooting photographs.
  • In case sporty bikers need some "speeding", that has to be prearranged with the tour guide. Certainly, we would like to appeal to all participants but we also need to take into consideration the interests of the group members who enjoy a more comfortable biking speed.
  • On self-guided tours you set your own pace, however, we recommend you not rush through the daily stages but to cycle at pleasant speed and take time to enjoy the nature.

What kind of roads will we ride during the tour?

  • Velo-Touring has been a specialist of bike tours in Hungary since 1991. This means - since we are native experts and the oldest professional bike travel agency of the country - no one can find the routes better that are the most beautiful from a biker’s perspective than we do. Because of the limited availability of bike paths and heavy road traffic, we think that the most important question for bikers in Hungary - the selection of calm ways. Thus, we do the assessment and the choice of the routes with serious carefulness.
  • When planning our tours, enjoying cycling possibly "car-free" is of great importance for us. Our routes lead mostly far from thoroughfares, mainly on poor-traffic side streets, on secluded soil, forest and field paths and on concealed land roads. We also lay great emphasis on showing you the regional beauties of Hungary and Austria.
  • You cycle and enjoy - we take care of everything else.

What happens if I get tired?

  • A holiday is all about enjoying yourself, and we are there to guarantee that. If your cycling spirit abandoned you, you can hop into our service van which always close by to the group. If you feel refreshed and want to cycle again, you can get out of the van anytime and join the rest of group.

Is it still worth to join a tour if I do not cycle?

  • Sure, you can enjoy all the other programs that are included in the tour like spas, museums, wine tastings, sightseeings and so on. Even if you decide not to cycle, you will be richer with a wonderful experience due to all the programs included in the tour!
  • Until the others are cycling, you can sit in the service van where our service van driver will keep you company and show some interesting spots along the way.
  • When the rest of group is taking a break to refill the tank (and meeting with the van) you will be able to join your group there and you can enjoy spending time with them.

What happens if the weather is not suitable for cycling?

  • Bad weather is quite rare in Hungary, so most of the time you can expect to cycle without any weather issues. In case there is a heavy rain or strong wind and you rather not want to cycle, the group can take the service van and do an alternative program like visiting a spa, museum, wine cellar or get to the hotel earlier and relax there.


What is the weather like in Hungary?

  • Hungary lays sheltered in the Carpathian Basin, horseshoe shaped encircled by distant mountains, while in the north-west the Alps function as a protecting mountain wall. It is reached by the equalized oceanic as well as by the genial, Mediterranean air currents. This way Hungary is less exposed to the partly extreme continental weather. Because of its protected situation the temperate, continental climate of Hungary is determined by its central placement in Europe.
  • In spring, the average temperature rises rapidly, and already in March the first pleasant days may occur. In the second half of April, the temperature can already exceed 20 °C (68 °F), and in May the first hot days can occur, with peaks around 30 °C (86 °F).
  • Summer, from June to August, is warm and sunny. Sometimes, some Atlantic weather fronts can still affect this area, bringing a bit of cool and rainy weather. At other times there may be heat, with maximum temperatures rising to about 35/37 °C (95/99 °F), most likely in July and August, but typically they only last two or three days. On these warm summer days, afternoon thunderstorms can occur occasionally.
  • Autumn is initially a mild and pleasant season in September, when, however, sometimes it can become a little cold at night, then from October the temperature decreases rapidly, and cloudiness and rain become more common.
  • The amount of sunny hours is much higher than in other countries in the same climate zone, and is around 2.000 hours per year, in some regions even more.
  • All of this makes Hungary ideal for cycling and when you travel with us, you can safely calculate with a nice, warm weather.

Can I pay with Euros in Hungary / Austria?

  • Hungary is not part of the Eurozone, we use our own currency, called the Hungarian Forint (HUF). However, many places in the hospitality sector accept Euros but they usually use a higher rate, so you are better off to change some money at an exchange office. In Austria, the official currency is the Euro, so you will have no problem utilizing your Euro bank notes there.

Can I pay with credit card in Hungary / Austria?

  • Credit cards e.g. American Express, EuroCard, MasterCard, Visa, etc. are accepted in many hotels, restaurants and bigger shops. The acceptance of cards is shown by symbols at the entrance. Nowadays, several shops accepts credit cards but we still suggest you to bring some cash with you as we often cycle through rural areas where some of the shops only accept cash.
  • ATMs are to be found in bigger communities and at fuel stations. Yet we recommend to bring sufficient cash with you, since it is easier to change money in the banks and exchange offices.

How much money should I bring with me?

  • Half pension is included for your whole trip. Please calculate costs for lunch, drinks, tips, souvenirs and for your individual programs/excursions/sightseeings along the way. Tip is rarely included in the bills, so one can be made happy by appreciating a good service by a reasonable (10-15% of the bill) tip.

Where can I change money?

  • The official currency of Hungary is currently the Forint (HUF). Hungarian money can be changed in banks, exchange offices and in many hotels. Exchange offices often have a better daily exchange rate than hotel or banks. Foreign currencies and HUF can be carried unlimited.
  • There are coins in denomination of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 Forints, and notes of 500, 1.000, 2.000, 5.000, 10.000 and 20.000 Forints in the circulation.